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SVPS Behaviour Support rev 1.0

SVPS Children's Health and Hygiene rev 1.0

SVPS Data Protection rev 1.0

SVPS Equal Opportunities rev 1.0

SVPS Health & Safety rev 1.1

SVPS Information and Records rev 1.1

SVPS Safeguarding rev 1.2

SVPS SEND rev 1.0

SVPS Staff rev 1.0

What to Expect And When; A Parents Guide
To The Foundation Stage.

This booklet explains development and gives you ideas of how you can help with learning.

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Exclusion After Illness

Parents / Carers have asked us to clarify exclusion periods from Pre-school after illness. We hope this table (in PDF format) that you may read or download helps.

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Infection Control

Please read/download the information within the leaflet "Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings"

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