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Helpful Notes

Here is a list of Helpful Notes
(in PDF format) that you may
read or download.

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Important Info'

Policy & Procedure.

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Privacy Policy.

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EYFS Parents Guide.

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What to Expect And
When; A Parents Guide
To The Foundation Stage.

This booklet explains
development and gives
you ideas of how you
can help with learning.

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Exclusion After Illness

Parents / Carers have asked
us to clarify exclusion periods
from Pre-school after illness.
We hope this table (in PDF
format) that you may read or
download helps.

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Infection Control

Please read/download the
information within the leaflet
"Guidance on infection control
in schools and other childcare

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Holiday List 2018 / 2019

You may view / download the 2018 / 2019 Holiday List here


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Thank you to all parents who have signed up to 'easyfundraising'.

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End of Term Celebrations

Full information here:

End of Term Celebrations.pdf